Sex Party bid to legalise sale of X 18+ porn films in Victoria to stop sexually violent movies

Restricted 18


X-RATED porn films should be legally available for sale in Victoria to cut the supply of dangerous black market products featuring violence, the Sex Party says.

Australia Sex Party MP Fiona Patten has moved to overturn the ban on X 18+ films in Victoria, moving that the Legislative Council take note that such videos “contain real depictions of actual sexual activity between consenting adults in which there is no sexual violence”.

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Nude Bathing Ban - Fiona Patten to Planning Minister “Stop Being a Wowser”


Member for Northern Metropolitan and Leader of the Australian Sex Party, Fiona Patten MLC, has described Planning Minister Richard Wynne’s decision to change the Nude (Prescribed Areas) ACT 1983 to disallow nude bathing at Campbell’s Cove in Werribee South as “political correctness gone mad.”

“We live in a nanny state that is increasingly enforcing more and more rules and regulations on us and this decision is just another example of it,” Ms Patten said.

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